Who wants to see this as a @fathom33 shirt? #Repost from @billdabutcher


Uhhhh, need some help with that, sir?  #whaleproblems#weightoftheworld#whaleofatail#alltiedup#doodle#tattoos

Who wants to see this as a @fathom33 shirt? #Repost from @billdabutcher —- Uhhhh, need some help with that, sir? #whaleproblems#weightoftheworld#whaleofatail#alltiedup#doodle#tattoos

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I need more people in my pics. Am I white?

I need more people in my pics. Am I white?

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where this park ends and the wilderness begins

where this park ends and the wilderness begins

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Album 91 and single song downloads


Here is the last album I purchased with Emusic’s $500.

I don’t normally buy single songs, but along the way I let myself indulge a little. I’m more of an album man myself. When it came down to album 91 I saw how I cheated myself of grabbing one last full album. Album 91 is mostly the album, I still have to go back and pick up a few of the songs. Here is how I spent my last few dollars (actually 4.36 out of 500) at Emusic:

91. Five Iron Frenzy’s Engine of a Million Plots, ‘13 - I was able to pick up tracks 1-5, 7-8, 10 and 12 before my money ran out (I did have one free song from the album to be fair). This left me with .44 cents, not enough to grab another track. Why did I buy this album? This is, after all, that is the question I’ve been trying to capture. It started almost a year ago… FIF launched a Kickstarter and within two hours reached their goal. I watched it escalate over the next few days and the story got picked up on blogs around the internet. I would have liked to have participated but a couple things happen to me with Kickstarter that keep me from supporting. First, if I’m sure they are going to reach their goal, then I don’t feel like paying ten or more bucks for a album download. I’ll just wait for it to come out on Emusic. Second, if I feel like the prizes are slightly overvalued then it seems like a turn off. There have been several Kickstarters that have wanted a lot of money for little return (like $15 for a download of an EP). I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was just the first reason alone that kept me away from backing FIF. I think they were looking for around thirty grand and ended up getting 150 grand or so.

This was my last album purchased even though the release date was a couple months back because Emusic silently snuck it up on their site. The day the album was to go live I was there ready to click purchase, but it wasn’t. I repeatedly checked back (with credits in hand) but it didn’t show up. Then as a last ditch effort I checked one last time before I ran out of store credit and was able to capture the majority of the album. I’m leaving the .44 cents as a tip back to Emusic for everything they’ve done for me.


And here is the list of the occasional song download that I grabbed along the way. As you can see only three are original songs, the rest are cover songs. I told you I’m a sucker for cover songs.

1. Sleeping At Last’s I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
2. Sleeping At Last’s Masquerade
3. He Is We’s Replay
4. Shad’s Stylin
5. Ross Christopher’s Zombie
6. This Beautiful Mess’ Lovesong
7. Glorybox’s I think We’re Alone Now
8. Moby’s Almost Home (f/ Damien Jurado)

Now that we are all done. I’m going to widdle the album list down to the one that was worth it all! The $500 album! I’ll start by cutting the 91 albums down in half (almost half you know) and then half again and so on and so forth till we have a winner. That is what is next. Once that happens I’ll give you my top 10 list of 2014. Stay tuned.

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you are not alone. #fathom33

you are not alone. #fathom33

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Albums 86-90

Closing in on the last full set of 5 albums. The money has to run out at some point and although there is more, there is not much more (hint, hint). So winding down, here are five more albums and why I bought them. PS - I’m writing this at a car wash with little battery life left on my iPad. This could be shorter than usual.

90. Ben Rector’s Something Like This, ‘11 - As I realized that my money was drawing closer and closer to zero I made a go at one artist had made my top ten albums of the year and yet I didn’t own any of his other albums. Quickly I bought up Ben’s earlier two albums (see album 89 as well). I bought his albums because I knew that if I didn’t take this opportunity to use this credit to go back and buy these albums I’d be stuck with them in a holding position of wanting to buying them but never pulling the trigger because the lure of the newer albums would always take priority. The bit that I listened to the ‘10 release, Into The Morning, showed me that I wouldn’t regret buying his back catalogue.

89. Ben Rector’s Into the Morning, ‘10 - See album 90. I also wanted to add that Ben is the first person to use an Instagram photo for his cover. With his latest release, The Walking in Between, Ben is quite possibly the first person to use a “selfie” as an album cover. This are just observations, not criticisms.

88. Plastic Planets’ self-titled, ‘13 - Plastic Planets is a side project from Roy of MuteMath and a guy from the Blue Man Group. It was this alone that made me want to buy it. It does indeed have the same drum style rock to it that I like about MuteMath. They broadcasted the news of the release via twitter, so I was quick to jump on it as I am awaiting a new album from MuteMath this year.

87. Schematic’s Color (n.) Inside The Lines, ‘13 - In the wave of buying side projects, the band Mae called it quits about a year ago and the lead singer came out with Schematic. I’m not sure if its a solo project or a band, but its is Mae. It sounds like a new Mae album would sound. I really liked Mae and was sad to see them go. Their final tours seemed liked their fans couldn’t get enough of them so I was glad that the music really hasn’t stopped.

86. Cookbook & Blu’s Yes, ‘13 - I consider Cookbook to be a friend. I want to support him through thick and thin. This album, consequently, is the most professional album he has made. The beats are big and the rhymes are tight. Cookbook is calling this time in his career the “realist he has ever been” and only time will tell. His perseverance is an inspiration to us all that have dreams that are just outside of our reach.

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How I spent Voco’s $25

Last year, 2013, was a big year for me getting “Free” music. I don’t know why God dumped all these blessings on me in this way, but as a way to be faithful I’ve been writing each purchase down and posting them here. I feel like this process has been really good for me and I’d suggest it to anyone. When you keep a list of purchases, say music in this case, it reminds you to look back and reflect and improve future purchase. I’ve been able to look back at the purchases and see the albums that I have already forgotten about, or never even listened too. I focused my process in order to ensure a good “buy.” What is it that makes me push the “purchase” button? It also serves as a list of what is new in my library. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to listen to and scanning the music library can take too long. I have referred to this list many times to help me discover what mood I’m in.

So this $25 comes from Voco, I received it after I got one of their systems and it wasn’t working properly because Apple updated to IOS 7 thus making their software not compatible. A Voco rep that I was working with was really cool about it and after we realized what was going on he offered to make it up to me and another guy that we were working with in tandem.

As a tribute to them I’ll list out what I bought:

Dustin Kensrue’s ITunes exclusive song “Psalm 145” from his album The Water & The Blood. In my opinion this is the best song on the whole album.
Paper Route’s Royals Cover. They started releasing cover songs, one at a time.
Zackary Kale’s album One. This guy is something else.
Paper Route’s Say My Name Cover.
Dustin Kensrue’s ITunes exclusive song “Psalm 145” - I bought this again for my brother as an early Christmas present.
Jahaziel’s Heads Up album. He is reggae rap and I don’t have anything else like it.
Citizen’s Christmas EP. I had to spend an additional $2 to get the whole album, but you gotta have new Christmas music.

Thanks for listening!

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Albums 81-85

I’m excited to be on the final few posts covering the eMusic $500 giveaway. Please read this one as its hard to fund a dud here. These albums are all so good verying from hard-core to singer-songwriter ballads.

85. The Spirit That Guides Us’ Don’t Shoot, Let Us Burn, ‘08 - I was rediscovering the band Self-Mindead (a band my brother was into back in the late ’90s) and found that they made some records fter their time with Tooth and Nail Records. They ended up signing to an overseas record label called Sally Forth Records. This discovery meant that I spent a whole night searching online about Sally Forth. eMusic had a Sally Forth Record compilation called “Hits of the 80’s.” I clicked on all the previews (which had a Self-Minded song on it) and fell in love with some of the bands. The top cover song that I loved was from a band called glorybox. I listened to it over and over again. I then went to their album online and couldn’t pull the trigger. It didn’t grab me. I worked my way down the sampler listening to other covers and then popping over to their full lengths if I liked what I heard. When I came to The Spirit That Guides Us, I was immediately sold. They are a hard-core band that should be huge. They are glorious. I couldn’t believe I had discovered such a gem. What I love about this world and about music is that there are unknown bands like this that exist. When you discover them they come in and rock your world.

84. Sleeping At Last’s Space II, ‘13 - Anytime Ryan puts something out, I’m going to get it. He has convinced me and I will blindly leap. He says “jump”, and I say “How High?”

83. Doug Burr’s O Ye Devastator, ‘10 - I have known about Doug for some time and he had always floated just outside of my purchase trigger finger. He is on a record label that I like to support (Velvet Blue) and I enjoy the few tracks that I have picked up from free compilations. What changed my tune was a picture I saw online that was posted by a friend of mine. My friend had posted a picture of Doug’s autographed vinyl. He wrote on the record, “Keep the faith” and that was it. It sparked something in me and I bought the album the next day. I bet Doug would never have thought that when he signed that vinyl that he was also selling another album.

82. Sainthood Reps’ Headswell, ‘13 - This was a highly anticipated album for me. I loved “Monoculture,” their previous album, and was counting down the days till it came out. It didn’t land on eMusic for a couple of weeks, so I had to stream it on Spotify during that time. However, through the course of this experiment I have learned how to add music on Spotify so that it didn’t ruin my listening experience (see some of my earliest posts). I also added a Bose sound system to my computer stereo at work which also helps. The album did not disappoint and so I bought it as soon as I could.

81. Least of These’s More Than Conquerors EP, ‘11 - Spotify and most other music stores have some kind of discovery portion to their site. Spotify surprised me with this one. I had never heard of Least of These but it said I would like them. I checked them out without any other influence making me click the play button but curiosity and the recommendation of a computer program. This is, hands down, my favorite EP that I bought during this last year. I immediately texted 2 people about this album, thats how much I was excited about this find. It was recoreded 2 years ago but this thing still hits my heart dead on. After I bought the album and tried to wear it out, which I couldn’t, I decided to searched for them online. I found out that they are on www.comeandlive.com a record company that puts out its albums for free. I had paid for an album, an amazing album, that I could have gotten free? Since it is two years old I found out that they had a newer full length out that was also free (which I grabbed). Now I must say that I ended up using some funds to support them, so feel free and download some music for free.

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How to spend a $100 on Murfie

@Murfiemusic is getting a lot of press these days as the best way to store your old CDs. I however, love the fact they make it easy to buy and sell CDs instantly online. Recently I was given the opportunity to spend $100 on music through their site because of a contest I won. I bought 47 albums for $100 which is less than $2.13 per CD. Now that is a deal.

Being a Gold member at $25 a year has its benefits as well. Gold makes trading easy and saves a $1 per album. I think I probably traded over 30 albums in addition to the 47 that I purchased during the same amount of time (trading is the best feature in my opinion). It is also good to note that Murfie allows you to return an album after you have bought it (they give you 24 hours to make the final decision) - I only returned two within this shopping spree and it was painless.

Check out my shop and do some buying of your own: https://www.murfie.com/shop/Ryan33

how to spend a $100 at @murfiemusic:

Frodus $5
LaRue $3
P.O.D $2
Gillian Welch $5
Gillian Welch $5
Over The Rhine $1
Waterdeep $1
Zao/Training For Utopia Split EP $3
Zao $1
Skillet $2
Taylor Sorenson $2
Jars of Clay $3
Zao $3
Amos Lee $3
As I Lay Dying $2
Brandon Heath $2
Danielson $3
Havalina Rail Co. $1
Brave Saint Saturn $5
Element 101 $1
Hangnail $1
The Wedding $1
Hangnail $1
Don Peris $3
Johnny Cash $1
Unwed Sailor $1
Soul Junk #1 $1
Soul Junk #2 $1
Daniel Bedingfield $1
Green River Ordinance $2
Jordin Sparks $1
Johnny Cash $1
Jars of Clay $2
The Blamed $1
Johnny Cash $3
States $3
Training For Utopia $3
War Rocket Ajax $1
Matthew Perryman jones $1
Selfmindead $3
The Rocket Summer $1
Bob Dylan $1
Blenderhead $2
Blenderhead $2
Blenderhead $3
Amy Grant $2
Mary J. Blige $2

Do the math, but I think that adds up to $100, I still have money in my Murfie account because I sold some CDs during this time, so I’m still buying!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit my Murfie shop so we can all shuffle around our old CDs! https://www.murfie.com/shop/Ryan33

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Good finds in A-town #skull #indiandesign

Good finds in A-town #skull #indiandesign

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